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About Us

The College of Applied Studies in Economics and Administration, Beograd was founded in 2006 with the aim to educate students in accodrance with principles of renowned European and world universities and colleges. Since the College syllabus and curriculum are harmonised with colleges from the European Union, our students have a possibility to test and verify the acquired knowledge at similar colleges and universities.
The College has been accredited by the Committee for Accreditation and Quality Control of Higher Education and has been given a work permit issued by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia. The curriculum has been devised in compliance with Bologna Declaration, contemporary teaching tendencies and study methods (interactive studying, tutorials, elective courses of study, practical work, etc.) ensuring students get the necessary knowledge in selected field.
Successful cooperation with associations, agencies, companies and institutions form our country and abroad creates conditions for the development of research, educational and consultation activities of students, which additionally contributes to their professional affirmation.
The College has the following three-year accredited departments of undergraduate studies:
•    Banking, Insurance and Financial Markets (180 ECTS)
•    Accounting and Audit (180 ECTS)
•    Taxes and Customs (180 ECTS)
The ECTS stands for: European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System.
After finishing the thee-year studies students get the Bachelor Applied in Economics degree.

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Students Taking Exams

Mission and Vision

The College of Applied Studies in Economics and Administration educates highly professional staff in the field of Accounting, Auditing, Banking, Financial Markets, as well as Insurance, Taxes and Customs with the application of contemporary knowledge and methods from local and international practices and the most up-to-date information technology.
The contemporary development of our economic system and its inclusion in regional and world integrations requires education of such workforce.
Three basic reasons for establishing the College were:
•    Quality higher education of staff in the field of finance and banking;
•    Development of experts in the field of auditing and accounting, as well as in the field of taxes and customs;
•    Enabling staff who are already employed in these fields to gain better qualifications and get included in the system of contemporary international professional education in these areas;
The guiding values of the College which represent a part of its business philosophy are based on:
•    Feeling the need for development of programmes and implementation of the existing ones, as well as the experiences of others;
•    Aiming for equal partnership in the world community;
•    Development and application of professional capabilities of people - entrepreneurs;
Our values in creating and guiding the educational process:
•    Placing students in the centre of attention;
•    Moral, ethical and honest attitude to work;
•    Constant effort to motivate students to be successful during the studies;
•    Interpersonal trust, cooperation and politeness;
•    Responsibility and sincerity;
•    Responsibility towards the needs of the society;

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Girls in the Library
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